60-year-old man recovers after falling victim to possible ‘knockout game’

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A man is slowly recovering after a senseless attack which occurred one month ago.

Frank Kenney was mowing his lawn and then he was in a hospital bed. That’s all he remembers of June 29th.

“I thought I had been in a car wreck. I had my family at the foot of the bed. I had my doctor. They explained to me what had happened and I couldn’t believe it,” said Kenney.

Police say two men beat Kenney in the face in his own back yard. And then took off. The 60-year-old suffered a broken jaw and shattered cheek. He still doesn’t know why he was targeted.

“The mower was put up so it wasn’t robbery. I had my keys in my pocket, no wallet. I’m in yard clothes,” said Kenney.

His family says what happened might be the result of the knock out game. In which people beat random victims and take off.

Several surgeries later, Kenney’s mouth is wired shut forcing him to eat liquids. And he now has double vision from a blood clot which means he can no longer work as a barber. As a result the bills are mounting up.

“I’ve never been one to put off bills. Being a barber and working on commission, if I’m not behind that chair, I have no money coming in,” Kenney said.

Despite what happened, he says it could’ve been worse.

“A millionaire has nothing over on me because I’ve been so fortunate,” Kenney said.

He’s slowly recovering with the help of friends, families, and customers he’s made along the way. There’s even a GoFundMe page to help with expenses.

“A lot of family and friends have contributed. I’m not into computers, not into any of that. They’ve explained it to me, but I’m just shocked at the caring people out there,” said Kenney through tears.

He said he is overwhelmed by the support.

“You know what happened to me was bad but the goodness has over ridden that,” he added.

Kenney says he’s ready to get back out there hopefully as early as September. The first thing he’s going to do is eat.

“I want to go to olive garden and I want to get the Taste of Italy. Just bring it on. Then Jack Stack and Cheddars. I’ve got it all lined out,” he said with a laugh.

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