63-year-old KC woman says 2 dogs attacked her, killed her Yorkie on nightly walk

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. --  A 63-year-old woman says two nights ago her neighbor's two dogs attacked her and her beloved Yorkie, and killed her four-legged friend.

“He was my baby. He was my heart. He was just so adorable. He was loved by everyone in our neighborhood," Rose Contreras said about her beloved Yorkie Terrier, Champ.

For the last five years, the pair inseparable.

“He was my little baby. He was grand-dog. He wasn’t just a dog, a pet,” Contreras said Thursday during an exclusive interview with FOX4’s Robert Townsend.

Contreras said Tuesday night she and Champ were out for their usual walk around their KC neighborhood when all of a sudden both stopped in their tracks.

“I see the two pit bulls, and I’m thinking, 'Oh, oh I got to do something.' I covered Champ,” Contreras said.

The terrified grandma said her neighbor’s two dogs raced across an empty lot and attacked her and her 10-pound dog.

“When Champ saw them, he had fear of them," she said. "As soon as he saw them he froze. They were not on leashes. They had me on the ground. One of them had Champ in his mouth. The other one pinned me down, and once they got my Champ away from me, they both ran, got him and was shaking him around."

The bleeding, 128-pound grandma, who’s also battling cancer, said the dog just wouldn’t let her right arm go. Contreras now has 20 stitches on her arm.

“Once he bit into my arm I was down, on the ground and just kicking him. I was scared for my life, but I tried to save my grand dog,” Contreras said.

Sadly, Champ died right before her eyes.

“Yeah I’m mad. I lost my grand-dog. I mean I could have died,” Contreras said as her eyes swelled with tears.

Thursday, a woman who claimed she knows the dogs’ owner said the owner wasn’t home. However, minutes later when a Kansas City Animal Control officer drove up, the dogs’ owner suddenly stepped out of the home on Booth Street. The officer gave the owner a “dangerous dog notice” from the city.

FOX4’s Robert Townsend repeatedly asked the owner if he had a comment or if he wanted to say something to Contreras, but the man never said a word as he appeared to be moving from the home.

The manager at Kansas City Animal Control tells FOX4 back on April 5, they received a complaint about one of the dogs roaming in Contreras’ neighborhood. The officer went to the area but did not locate a dog.

In the meantime, the two dogs now seized by the city and are on record for attacking Contreras and killing her dog and have been declared dangerous by animal control.

“I think those dogs should be put down. If they had been on leashes none of this would have happened. I had to bury my Champ in my front yard. He didn’t deserve to die. He was my joy,” Contreras said.



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