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SHAWNEE, Kan. — A 69-year-old Shawnee woman is undergoing surgery after a garbage truck hit her Tuesday morning.

It happened just before 10 a.m. near Halsey and Charles streets in Shawnee. Police said the driver of the garbage truck backed into her.

Friends and family tell FOX4 Peggy O’Rourke broke her pelvis but is expected to be OK.

“I came out of my home — I`m right next to her — around 10:30 to walk my dog, and I saw the police officers,” neighbor and family friend Penney Bayer said.

People living in the area also came outside to see what the commotion was about.

“I was curious what was going on, what happened, hoping she was OK, hoping she was going to be OK,” said Daniel Whitington, a neighbor and witness. “I just saw them picking her up off the ground.”

Bayer said he’s very concerned about O’Rourke.

“I have talked to her family, and they`re going to be doing some surgery. I just wish her the very best,” Bayer said. “I`m anxious that she gets through this. I`ll be here to help her. She`s a wonderful, kind person.”

Police said a 37 year-old man from Tonganoxie was behind the wheel of the truck.

The trash company Republic Services said their thoughts are with everyone involved in the incident, including the driver, who’s shaken up.

“I was just worried whether she would make it or not because when they took her away, she looked pretty bad,” Whitington said.

O’Rourke won’t be alone as she recovers.

“She`s got a big family, that will help, and lots of friends. Wish it hadn`t happened though,” Bayer added. “She`s going to be fine. She`s strong. She`s got great friends and family. She`s going to be fine.”

A tow truck removed the trash truck from the neighborhood several hours ago.

Police said the driver of the truck and the company are cooperating with the investigation.