Reliving the ’70s and more as WDAF continues the countdown to our 70th anniversary

70 Years Together
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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — We begin the 50-day countdown to WDAF-TV’s 70th anniversary with a look at the 1970s, which were more than bell bottoms. Check out the big changes the decade brought to Kansas City!

You can also enjoy these features covering August 28 to September 5:

49 Days to Go: WDAF-TV was the first local station to send out a color broadcast, but can you guess what year it happened?

48 Days to Go: WDAF-TV wasn’t on air for the Liberty Memorial’s first Armistice Day, but we’ve made up for it through the years. Here are just a few of the touching memorials WDAF-TV has witnessed.

47 Days to Go: We’re flashing back to the groovy look of KCI when it first opened in 1972, and the design they called revolutionary.

46 Days to Go: It was the ’60s and protesters were sitting in and singing while WDAF-TV was recording it all. Hear the voices of support and protest that came out of Kansas City.

45 Days to Go: From the ’50s until today, the set has changed, but we’ve always been working for you!

44 Days to Go: Going live in the early days of WDAF-TV had a bit of a twist, thanks to the vehicle lovingly known as “The Hearse.”

43 Days to Go: Artwork from the early days of television was definitely a bit more hands on.

42 Days to Go: Even when the weather was bad, he had viewers smiling. We’re celebrating Dan Henry and his 33-year career at WDAF-TV.

41 Days to Go: FOX4 has racked up the mileage in the last 70 years, and here’s a few of the more memorable cars we’ve had on the road.

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