Remembering the ’90’s, past and present as we count down the final days to WDAF’s 70th anniversary

70 Years Together
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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Take a look at how the 1990's changed the skyline and more around Kansas City. You can also see all of our flashback features as we count down the days from 24 to the big day of our 70th anniversary.

24 Days to Go: When the eyes of the nation turned to a small Kansas town, WDAF-TV cameras were there for a presidential funeral.

23 Days to Go: The aftermath of the Ruskin tornado from the cameras at WDAF-TV.

22 Days to Go: Memories of the 1993 flood as we look back at our coverage from the disaster that lasted months.

21 Days to Go: Here's what people were watching on WDAF-TV in the early days, including something just for the earliest Chiefs fans.

20 Days to Go: How one of the most iconic views in Kansas City has changed over the last 70 years.

19 Days to Go: Here’s a fun flashback from the 1970s that’s perfect for a Red Friday!

18 Days to Go: On September 28, 1953, this tragic story brought the FBI to Kansas City, and made national headlines.

17 Days to Go: Unofficially, WDAF-TV actually went on the air 70 years ago on September 29, and it’s all because of a president.

16 Days to Go: The real gem in this auto show footage from the ‘70s is the electric car that didn’t quite live up to expectations.

15 Days to Go: Check out the 1954 American Royal Parade and the record crowd that packed the Kansas City sidewalks.

14 Days to Go: It’s strange to think that Union Station was almost demolished, and this old footage shows just how rundown it was.

13 Days to Go: Watch Kansas City grow!

12 Days to Go: We’re flashing back to WDAF-TV’s own wrestling history before WWE Smackdown premieres this season on FOX4!

11 Days to Go: We’re flashing back to WDAF-TV’s own wrestling history before WWE Smackdown premieres this season on FOX4!

10 Days to Go: That time WDAF-TV suspended a car in midair for a good cause.

9 Days to Go: Every kid dreams of attaching balloons to a chair and floating away, now hear about the guy who actually did it live, on-air on WDAF-TV

8 Days to Go: We’re flashing back to the night the Kemper Arena roof collapsed.

7 Days to Go: A viewer call from the first days of television that had our engineers stumped.

6 Days to Go: A look back at the historic building where WDAF-TV first started filming, months before we went on air for the first time.

5 Days to Go: Thomas Hart Benton’s paintings hang in museums, but he made his mark on WDAF-TV history with a cow.

4 Days to Go: As we countdown to our anniversary, guess which other businesses are turning 70 this year.

3 Days to Go: Famous Faces

2 Days to Go: KCK before Kansas Speedway

1 Day to Go: The video that kicked off a 70 year legacy

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