The countdown continues from 60 days to 51 before to WDAF-TV’s 70th anniversary

70 Years Together
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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — With 60 days until WDAF-TV’s anniversary, FOX4 heads back to the 1960s for construction that would define a city, and conflict that would divide us.

You can also enjoy these features covering August 18 to August 26:

59 Days to Go: One of the KC’s deadliest fires unfolds on live TV — and brings changes in the way we store chemicals and fight fires.

58 Days to Go: Back in 1976, KC played a major role in the race for president. A potential upset was brewing at the Republican National Convention.

57 Days to Go: Meet the man who became known as “Mr. Television” in KC, one of the few newsmen President Truman trusted.

56 Days to Go: Riots and racial tensions bring the National Guard to KC and threaten to tear the city apart. A look back at coverage from WDAF-TV’s news file.

55 Days to Go: A throwback to one of Kansas City’s more iconic buildings: Katz Drug Store.

54 Days to Go: Before we watched Martha Stewart or even Julia Child, Kansas City learned how to cook and entertain from WDAF Channel 4’s own Bette Hayes.

53 Days to Go: What did it take to get us to the moon? At the height of the Space Race, WDAF gives viewers a first-hand look at the Manned Spacecraft Center in Houston.

52 Days to Go: Kansas City’s Major League Baseball team once had a live mule for its mascot! Meet Charlie O!

51 Days to Go: During the height of the Civil Rights Movement, a woman accomplishes something no other woman had done in Kansas City.



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