The countdown is on to WDAF-TV’s 70th anniversary

70 Years Together
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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Wednesday, August 7, marked 70 days until WDAF-TV’s 70th anniversary on October 16th.

Each day until the big day, FOX4 will be taking a look back as we get closer to the celebration. The anniversary tour starts with our first full decade in operation: Watch the video for a glimpse into the 1950’s, as WDAF became Kansas City’s first full-time television station.

You can also enjoy these features covering August 8 to August 16:

69 Days to Go —  A look at the station through the years, including when the KC Star had its name on the building.  

68 Days to Go — We’re still giggling over one of the first viewer phone calls we received in the ’50s.

67 Days to Go — The Great Flood of 1951 changed the way KC gets its news and put WDAF-TV’s news on the map. Broadcasting would never be the same.  

66 Days to Go — WDAF-TV brings a little something extra into the studio for Election Night 1956.

65 Days to Go — Here’s a little KC Chiefs history from 47 years ago today. Do you remember it?

64 Days to Go — We’re flashing back with some of the oldest footage WDAF-TV ever filmed.

63 Days to Go — Monumental Beginnings: One day before the Truman Library opens, President Harry Truman works with WDAF to give our viewers an inside look.

62 Days to Go — Enjoy a glimpse then and now of Union Station’s Grand Hall.

61 Days to Go — Before April the Giraffe, Kansas City had its own animal baby watch at the Kansas City Zoo.

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