WDAF’s 70th anniversary countdown rolls on with a glimpse between the ’80s and now

70 Years Together
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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The 1980s were more than big hair, shoulder pads, and perms. Take a look at the awesome ‘80s as seen through the cameras at WDAF-TV.

You can also enjoy these features covering September 7 to September 20:

39 Days to Go: Check out the ‘80s news series that helped more than 400 foster kids and inspired a charity that’s still working today.

38 Days to Go: WDAF-TV wasn’t on air for the Liberty Memorial’s first Armistice Day, but we’ve made up for it through the years. Here are just a few of the touching memorials WDAF-TV has witnessed.

37 Days to Go: Can you guess the famous journalist who once reported for WDAF-TV in the early ’80s?

36 Days to Go: World Series fever hit hard in 1985 and 2015 and here are some of our favorite moments from WDAF-TV’s archives.

35 Days to Go:It was a big first in WDAF-TV history, and it had thousands of people flocking to Municipal Auditorium 70 years ago today.

34 Days to Go: Here’s a throwback to a big moment in FOX4 history 25 years ago.

33 Days to Go: We’re flashing back to the aftermath of the flood that put the Plaza under water.

32 Days to Go: WDAF-TV sent cameras overseas during the Vietnam War, but it’s what our cameras caught at home that earned a White House honor.

31 Days to Go: We’re dusting off a nearly 50-year-old interview that seems perfect for a Chiefs vs Raiders game day.

30 Days to Go: It was 1970 when a 21-year-old would turn Kansas City morning television on its head.

29 Days to Go: How many WDAF-TV logos do you remember?

28 Days to Go: The unexpected generosity of WDAF-TV viewers inspired a charity that’s still working for metro kids today!

27 Days to Go: We dug up some old aerial footage of downtown, and it’s truly amazing to see the changes over the decades.

26 Days to Go: Just in time for Sunday’s Emmy Awards — right here on FOX4! — the fun piece of history WDAF-TV shares with the famous award.

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