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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — This Valentine’s Day, one Kansas City couple is celebrating seven decades of love.

Don and Teresa Peck met when they were just 17 and 18 years old. Don served in the U.S. Navy, and as fate would have it, they spotted each other at a USO event during World War II.

“I never stopped being in love with her. Me neither,” Don and Teresa said holding hands.

75 years later and the love story between the two love birds is still going strong.

“Never ever would regret it,” Don said.

“I told him, if you marry me, you won’t be bored, and he said boring is beautiful,” Teresa laughed.

The past seven decades definitely haven’t been boring for the pair; In that time, the couple traveled around the world and built a life with six kids, 18 grandchildren, and 25 great-grandchildren.

“I felt like our marriage was kind of like a patchwork. Made up of tears and laughs,” Teresa said. “And like a patchwork quilt, we stayed stitched together for 75 years.”

So, what’s the couple’s secret to staying together all these years? They both say lots of laughter and make time for the little things every day.

“Well first you gotta live a long time,” Don joked. “And the other thing is you gotta marry somebody who will put up with you. And she does.”

“I don’t remember a morning where he didn’t kiss me good morning. I think that’s what you should do,” Teresa said.

They’re celebrating this Valentine’s Day the way they spend most of their days: together, and laughing.