8-Year-Old Fights Off Purse Snatcher

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WICHITA, Kan. — An eight-year-old Wichita boy sprang into action when a man allegedly broke into his family’s home. Cade Hall was playing games on his computer when he says a man entered their home.

“When I seen his face, I said, ‘That’s nobody I’ve ever seen before,'” Hall said.

The man had a shirt pulled over his head when he made a grab for Cade’s mom’s purse.

“I grabbed it too to try to get it so he wouldn’t take it,” he said.

Hall then yelled for his mom and dad. They took off running when they realized something was really wrong. Even the family’s dog Roscoe, tried to catch the man.

“My mom saw our dog biting this guy so my mom knew it was the bad guy,” Hall said.

Cade’s dad WIlliam took off after the robber. He saw the suspect pull out his wife’s wallet and leave the purse behind. He chased the man down an embankment and into the path of a car.

Now, the suspect is in the hospital with a broken leg, four broken ribs and a collapsed lung.

The family says the lights were on and they have no idea why the man chose their house. The neighborhood is also clearly labeled as a neighborhood watch zone. Both parents say they’re pround of their sons action.

“I’m very, very very proud of my son, but like the officer said next time just let him take it,” said William Hall.

There was no cash in the purse only credit cards and a license.



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