8-year-old hailed hero after calling 911 to save baby brother’s life

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Many are calling a New York police officer a hero for saving the life of a child, but the humble officer is giving all the credit to the baby boy’s eight-year-old big sister WCBS reports.

The eight-year-old, who had just arrived home from school, called 911 from inside of her West Hampton Beach home after noticing her baby brother wasn’t breathing.

DISPATCHER: This is the ambulance dispatcher, can I help you?

CHILD: My brother is about to die, he can’t breathe or nothing.

DISPATCHER: Okay, what is your address? Where do you live?

WCBS reports that the eight-year-old was able to calmly recite her address and phone number.

CHILD: He’s almost one-year old.

DISPATCHER: He’s one? Is he breathing at all?


DISPATCHER: Is your mom there?


DISPATCHER: Do you see his chest going up and down? do you see him breathing at all?

CHILD: No, but he’s turning purple.

According to WCBS, the children’s parents were frantic and did not speak English.

Southampton town police officer Kristian Lorusso was the first to arrive on the scene.

” All of a sudden I coming up on the house see the front door open and mom’s there–go running in the house–and he wasn’t breathing at this point,” officer Lorusso said.

Officer Lorusso, formerly of NYPD, was told the baby had a seizure.

“I started with pats on back to dislodge if he was choking and I started with CPR three cycles of that, couple more smacks on the back and then I heard the greatest thing I ever heard, other than my own kids being born–this baby crying, ” officer Lorusso said.

Officer Lorusso is a father of three.

WCBS reports that the family signed up for CPR training at their local church following the scary incident.

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