84-year-old’s Independence home ransacked by thieves who stole precious family heirlooms

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INDEPENDENCE, Mo. -- Police are investigating after thieves broke into an Independence great-grandmother's home.

The 84-year-old's Independence home was ransacked by strangers Sunday night. Now, family heirlooms are gone, and the family feels like they've lost everything. 

"Everything just turned upside-down," Brooke Maggio said. "It was like, like I lost my breath. I mean, it was terrible."

Maggio said her great-grandmother, Delores, thankfully wasn't home at the time. Thieves tore through doors, dressers and clothes, eventually stealing her computer, TV and other electronics.

They also damaged and took several items and heirlooms that no amount of money can replace.

"It was completely heartbreaking," Maggio said. "She's been through so much."

Delores' husband, whom she shared a life with for 63 years, lost his life to Alzheimer's a few years ago. Before that, Delores was already living with a broken heart. Her two sons had died.

All she had left of them was in a handmade jewelry box that's now empty.

"Along with my great-grandfather's wedding ring," Maggio said. "Letters from her son when he was at camp were just torn apart on the bed. I mean, it was just crumpled up. Whoever did it obviously had no respect."

In an effort to catch these crooks, Maggio posted details of the burglary to the "Stolen KC" Facebook page. 

Maggio said after almost losing faith in humanity, social media played a part in restoring hope that justice will be served.

"It put a positive light on the community that had recently been so dampered," Maggio said. "I was like, 'I hate people. How could people do this?' And in the same day to have so many people reach out and try to help and share the post."

Maggio has file a police report with the Independence Police Department.

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