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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — What started as a bit of an artists’ rebellion is now a large group of Kansas City craftspeople and creators who set up their works just a short distance from the Plaza Art Fair.  Its called the UNplaza Art Fair.

It started 26 years ago, when a couple of the longtime artists from the Plaza Art Fair weren’t accepted into the event. So 26 years ago, they formed their own.

The prices are generally more affordable and the flavor is all local.

Nine-year-old Haley Sellmeyer is the youngest artist there. She began selling her art when she was only five. Now, she has quite a following. She has even transferred some of her whimsical art onto clothing. Her wishy-washy piece is one of her signature paintings. She loves seascapes, florals, hearts and coffee cups.

Haley uses a plaster base in many of her paintings, making them appear three-dimensional. Haley was born two months premature and her mom introduced her to art when she was just a baby to help spark brain development.

Haley said, “At four years old, I kept asking and asking what the canvases were and she gave me one and I painted a really pretty abstract piece of art. My mom bought more for me and from there its just been a progression.”

Haley has sold a lot of her work. She puts half of her income into a college fund.  With the other half, she has paid for trips to Disneyland and helped her parents purchase an RV that they take to area art shows.

You can find more of Haley’s art or even commission pieces at her website.