KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A 9-year-old boy is critically hurt after a hit-and-run crash in Kansas City.

Around 7:15 Wednesday night, a boy was hit while walking across North Hardesty, just south of Saida Avenue.

The boy was walking with his father when a black Sedan hit him. The person driving the sedan did not stop for the boy and sped off from the area.

The suspect was later located by police.

“My children play out here every day,” Tallin Gray said. “My kids know not to go out in the street, but still it’s the fact that it could happen, when they’re doing 40, 50, 60 here.”

She said that’s how fast cars fly down Hardesty.

“You have signs posted 25-30, but they don’t follow it,” Gray said.

Neighbors who live near N. Hardesty and Saida Ave. said speeding is a problem.

“They go too fast, they just don’t care,” Neighbor Rickey Patton. “Dang right they’re going to run.”

“We just went inside and that happened,” Gray said. “So, it could’ve been my daughter.”

“The dad didn’t get hurt but that baby did and that’s the sad thing is because I have a 6-year-old and I have a 2-year-old,that could have been my children.”

Gray said she grew up in this neighborhood and car speeding down Hardesty has always been an issue. Now, as a mother of two, she has a fresh perspective on safety.

“My son has hearing loss. So, he doesn’t hear his hearing aides outside all the time,” Gray said, “So, he can’t hear if a car comes flying up a street.”

Less than a half mile down Hardesty sits a speed hump. Gray said she wants to see one close to their home, near the intersection of Hardesty and Saida Ave.

She’s been in communication with the city.

The boy was critically hurt and was taken to a nearby hospital.

As of Thursday afternoon, the child has been listed in critical but stable condition and appears to be making positive headway toward recovery, according to police.

Detectives are pursuing charges as the investigation continues.

The city released the following statement to FOX4: “The safety of residents and Kansas City roads are a top priority for the City. Residents who wish to see infrastructure changes in their neighborhood should file a PIAC request as a first step and work with their City Councilmembers toward a solution. Their representatives work with the Public Works Department to guide infrastructure improvements, along with identifying funding for projects.”