911 calls recount the harrowing moments Overland Park residents call for help

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OVERLAND PARK, Kan. — Authorities released recordings of the many 911 calls during Monday’s massive fire.

The calls recount the harrowing moments as Overland Park residents saw the apartment complex go up in flames. The intensity is audible as callers realize the flames are spreading to neighborhood homes.

One man calls as he is rushing door-to-door, warning residents that the fire is spreading.

“There’s a stretch of houses, there’s about four of them, and it’s now jumping to their back yard!” the caller exclaims. “We’re trying to go door-to-door trying to get everybody out!”

“Is the house involved?” the 911 operator asks.

“Not just yet, but give it about ten minutes and it will be up in flames!”

One operator attempts to calm one woman down as she yells, “Is anybody going to get over the neighborhood where the fire is going in? … You guys need to get over there now, there’s houses on fire!”



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