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INDEPENDENCE, Mo. — At 92-years-old, Byron Constance doesn’t seen anything remarkable about the fact that he still practices law most days, as he has for a legal career spanning seven decades.

As an accomplished sculptor, Constance is equally humble about the fact that he didn’t attempt any artistic endeavor until he reached his 60’s.

“I moved from my left brain law practice to my right brain artistic intent, and it’s worked out well for me,” he said.

Constance doesn’t create art for the accolades, but he’ll be getting a lot of rave reviews in the coming days whether he likes it or not.

The Drumm Farm Center for Children in Independence commissioned Constance to sculpt a bronze bust of Andrew Drumm, who built the locally famous farm in 1919.

“I tried to create an image in as much of a likeness of him as much as I possibly could,” Constance said. Which was no easy task, considering only a couple images of Andrew Drumm exist.

The breathtaking piece of art will be unveiled on Friday as part of a weekend centennial celebration for the Drumm Farm Center.

The farm was originally created as a working farm and orphanage for young boys 100 years ago. A century later, the Drumm Farm is continuing the noble mission of giving area children a place to call home.

“The farm is a tremendous service to young people who need this kind of an environment,” Constance said.

And now, Constance has provided his own tremendous service, working for free, in a bronze tribute to a local legend who dreamed of making a better future for children in the Kansas City area.

As for finding his artistic passion in his sixth decade? Constance said if he can do it, you can, too.

“It’s never too late. Give it a try, You’ll enjoy. You may be surprised to find you have some talents you didn’t even know you had.”