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RICHMOND, Kan. — Many of us take up a hobby because it makes us happy.

But one nun in Richmond, Kansas, has kept up her hobby for decades not only because it makes her happy, but because it also brings joy to others.

“Sister Mildred is a joy; 99 and going strong,” Sister Loretta Roeckers said.

Sister Mildred Katzer is a joy to Roeckers and every heart she touches with one of her dolls.

“I’m really overwhelmed. It shows that people are looking to the life hereafter to be with God,” Katzer said of her booming business of making little nun dolls.

She’s made more than she can count.

“I have no idea!” Katzer said.

Sister Mildred Katzer with one of her dolls

But she keeps going to spread her love of God.

“Because I’m sharing my religion with them, and their great faith inspires me onto greater faith,” Katzer said.

“I think they looked at their teachers as people who wanted to really really help them, and so I think it`s a very peaceful, joyful experience,” Roeckers said.

She’s not taking any orders right now because she’s working on the ones she’s got.

“People really want them. I had no idea I’d be overwhelmed like this,” Katzer said.

However, her effort is much greater than their cost.

“We’ve been working on this for about two weeks, three weeks, and we’ve finally got four out in the mail today,” Roeckers said.

Katzer plans to keep making them as long as she can.

“I don’t know. God hasn’t told me how many days I have yet. I hope I can get this order finished,” she said.

But Roeckers has other plans.

“Until she’s 110 because that’s what I’m expecting,” Roeckers said.

Every day Katzer wakes up, every stitch she sews, every doll she ships — as long as she can share her faith she has one feeling in her heart.

“Joyful,” she said.

Customers from all over the United States have ordered her dolls. She even has one on display in France and another at a museum in Washington D.C.