9ine Owner responds to 4 people shot outside, city’s intent to revoke his liquor license


KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The owner of 9ine Ultra Lounge is speaking out after a shooting near his club early Sunday morning. KCPD says someone fired dozens of rounds in the parking lot just after 2 a.m.

In January, outside the same club, 15 people were shot and two of them died.

In Sunday’s shooting four people were shot, and one of them is in critical condition. KCPD says when officers got to the parking lot, they found one male victim in his 40s on the ground who was shot in his legs who is in critical condition.

Two additional victims, a man in his 30s and woman in her 20s, showed up at a nearby hospital saying they were shot outside the club. Both the woman and man are in critical condition. A fourth victim, a man in his 20s, was brought to another hospital and is in critical condition.

KCPD says the shooting stemmed from an argument inside the club and continued into the parking lot where multiple gunmen shot dozens of rounds.

On August 21, Regulated Industries sent the owner of 9ine Ultra Lounge, Alphonso Hodge, a letter telling him they are recommending the revocation of his liquor license. Hodge says he never received the letter but did get an email from Regulated Industries on the 24th informing him of an intent to hold a hearing about his license. 

John Baccala, the representative for the Neighborhood & Housing Department which encompasses Regulated Industries, says the process to remove their license has been in the works since January.

“I wish we would have had this hearing a month ago,” Baccala said. “I wish the time frame would have ran out a month ago, because we might not have gotten to this point.”

Hodge says the shooting was outside of his control and happened after the club was already closed.

“It was after hours. The club was closed,” Hodge said. “Staff was out. Front of 9ine was clear. Everyone was out of the building. I was on my way home.”

Mayor Quinton Lucas says after hours or not, there was a reason the people involved in the shooting were in the parking lot.

“The people were there because of the bar; the activity arises because of what was happening in the bar before. Either through better screening, better security, outdoor security,” Lucas said.

Jerry White owns the Motorcycle Safety Center in the same strip mall as 9ine Ultra Lounge. He says Sunday morning he found a bullet hole through his window, and a bullet lodged in his wall. He says the city needs to shut the business down.

“It needs to happen,” White said. “It needs to stop. This is a material thing. It can be replaced. These lives — you can’t replace them.”

Hodge says he has no plans to close his business but will follow the city’s orders.

“This has been a very challenging year. I feel that the city as a whole is not doing well at all,” Hodge said. “That’s why they sent in 200 federal agents to get the city underhand, because there’s a lot of violence going on in Kansas City.”

“We really want to do the right thing here,” Baccala said. “It’s disappointing that we couldn’t get the revocation hearing scheduled before what happened last night happened.”

Through internet forums many have said Hodge and Lucas are friends, and that may be a reason why 9ine’s license was not revoked sooner. Lucas says he does not know the owner of 9ine and is in support of closing the business through Regulated Industries standard process.

“We have rules and processes. We’ll make sure we follow them legally,” Lucas said. “I can’t just close down any place in this city. Instead what we do is see how they have not complied with the orders and the rules that Kansas City has. I don’t believe they have, and we’ll make sure that the proper procedures are followed from there.”

Regulated Industries is working to schedule a revocation hearing for Hodge’s license. 



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