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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Former students and parents want to know why student records with personal information are sitting inside an abandoned school at 77th and Wyandotte in Kansas City, Mo.

The former Bingham Junior High School building closed in 2001, but an anonymous source gave FOX 4 a box of files containing student names, social security numbers, birth certificates and medical records. Some of the files are for students that attended the school, but other files are contain information on students who were in a program operated by the Kansas City, Mo. School District.

“Hundreds if not thousands of files are sitting in that building right there and no one to protect them,” said “Incredible. We can’t believe the records that we saw that had medical records, family dynamics, copy of birth certificates and social security numbers, grades, prior schools, prior addresses, unbelievable treasure trove full of personal information,” said Mike Gray, a former student.

Ray Weikal, a public relations and marketing coordinator with Kansas City Public Schools, said this issue is very important to KCPS, and they are working with a shredding company to ensure that all sensitive paperwork remaining at the site is destroyed in the next 24-48 hours.

Weikal said a number of employees did several walkthroughs prior to the building’s closing to make sure all sensitive documents had been removed, but they regrettably missed some documents.

Weikal added that KCPS is working to make the site secure and that people can’t just wander in, which, Weikal noted, should not have happened in the first place.