A 40-pound cheeseburger pizza will set you back $2,000

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QUEENS, N.Y. — In New York City, $2,000 could cover your rent, pay for about 730 subway rides, or an entire year of coffee — it could also buy you a 40-pound cheeseburger pizza.

The pizza consists of five layers of meat, cheese, lettuce, onions, tomatoes, ketchup, and pepperoni.

The pie is so large it takes at least two people to hold it, and it has to be split in half to fit in the oven.

The pizza is available at Champion Pizza. They have seven locations across the city.

All proceeds go to those affected by Hurricane Florence in North Carolina.

If you are able to eat the whole pizza, the restaurant will give you back $2,000.

However you slice it, the pizza tastes more like a cheeseburger.



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