A busy day for area restaurants as people celebrate Mother’s Day


KANSAS CITY, Mo. — It was a busy day for restaurants across the metro, as people came out in numbers to celebrate Mother’s Day.

“We carried out,” Wendy Sangster, Customer said. “This is the first day we’ve been back out here in over a year.”

Wendy Sangster and Dave Macaulay are regulars at Margarita’s off Southwest Boulevard, but the two stopped eating in person because of the pandemic. They say things are better now, and Mother’s Day was the perfect time for them to come back out.

“We’re both fully vaccinated,” Sangster said. “I think a lot of people are fully vaccinated at this point. We all know to wear a mask and stuff and we just felt like it was time.”

Dozens of people agreed with them.

Instead of waiting 40 minutes for a to go order, this time they waited 40 minutes in line to eat in person for Mother’s Day.

“It’s the gathering of the family and even though it is nice to be able to do it in an intimate situation, it’s still nice to be out in the crowd and with the people you know,” Broderick Crawford Jr., Customer said.

While most businesses are operating at full capacity in Kansas City right now, this Margarita’s location is only operating at 50%. General Manager, Michael Quiarte, said even though the consumer is showing up in numbers, the employees are not.

“We expected it to be a busy day with Mother’s Day going on, but at the same time we’re still having a little trouble finding help,” Quiarte said.

For people who returned to the restaurant, they said they’re happy a sense of normalcy is returning.

This Margarita’s location is hoping to operate at full capacity next month, but it all depends on staffing.

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