A community mourns after 2 teens die in a crash


INDEPENDENCE, Mo. — Two teens ripped from their families. Five families and countless others left devastated.

That is the aftermath of a violent crash that happened on February 10th.

“I love my daughter and I’ll miss her dearly,” Lyla Lane, Skyelar Kelly’s mom, said. “Everyday.”

On February 10, a violent car crash claimed the lives of Skyelar Kelly and Izaiah Salyer, they were only 17 years old.

The driver of a Chevy Tahoe headed south on Little blue parkway, south of Truman road, crossed into the northbound lane and collided with the vehicle carrying the teens.

Five people were hospitalized. Kelly and Salyer died from their injuries. 

Police believe the driver of the Tahoe who caused the crash had been drinking. 

Saturday, February 20th family and friends of the two teens visited the football field at Oak Grove High School for a balloon release to remember them. 

At the balloon release Lane implored everyone not to drink and drive.

“Because I don’t want somebody to make a life altering decision in that moment,” Lane said. “Because you are not thinking straight or not fully thinking about the impact that you’re making to lives.”

Dozens attended the balloon release to remember the two teens, but also to help their families.

Each balloon cost a dollar and all proceeds were given to both families. 

Those in attendance shared stories of what made Kelly and Salyer so special.

“He was always there for me. He never let anyone be sad,” Bethany Schmidt, balloon release organizer, said. “He was the kid that brought everyone out. He was there for everyone.”

“She was a goof. We had a lot of fun to be honest. She was my best friend,“ Lane, said.

As of now the investigation is still ongoing and no charges have been filed against the driver who caused the crash. 



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