A day after heroic actions, child gets help filling medications lost in fire

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KANSAS CITY, Kan. — FOX 4 got to sit down with a proud mom who talked about her pint-sized hero! The Kansas City, Kansas boy is credited with saving himself and two others from a Thursday morning house fire. The seven-year-old was spending the night with family friends because his mother was in the hospital.

Cathi Brown was preparing to go into surgery when she found out about the fire. She and her son, Damarion Scott, had a private, emotional reunion in her hospital room as they move forward from what could have been a terrible tragedy.

“I said, ‘I am so proud of you, you are so brave,’” Brown said of Damarion.

While spending the night with family friends, Damarion smelled smoke and woke the adults up. Because of his heroic actions, everyone escaped alive. But the fire destroyed everything else, including Damarion’s Christmas presents and more importantly, his medicine.

“He takes several different medications on a daily basis,” Brown said.

She said her son suffers from severe ADHD, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and a host of other behavioral problems. After years of struggling she says Damarion is finally regulated. She likens the absence of the medicine is Kryptonite for her little Superman.

“He keeps telling me, ‘Mommy, I’m trying to be a big boy without my medicine.’ So, he’s really trying,” Brown said. “Insurance is saying they need a report from the fire department and it could still take a couple of days before they even go through and everything. He can’t be that long without his medications.”

To help solve the problem, FOX 4 contacted the insurance company, Sunflower State Healthcare to try and expedite the process.

“When we found out that there was a hiccup with him getting his medication, we went right into action. We made sure that the pharmacy he was getting his prescriptions filled at was able to do it, and that he was able to get his medication,” Monica Stoneking, Marketing and Communications Director at Sunflower State Health Plan, said.

Stoneking said the pharmacy never contacted them. Damarion’s medications were not due to be refilled for several weeks. Instead of contacting Sunflower, the family was told they would have to pay for the medications, which would have cost almost $600.

“We had no way of knowing that there was a problem or a delay in him getting his medication until we received a call from you, so we really appreciate FOX 4 calling us and alerting us to the situation. We want the family to know that Sunflower does not want any lapse in care for any of our members, especially this precious little hero,” Stoneking said.

Sunflower State stepped up and so have FOX 4 viewers. A man and his wife, who want to remain anonymous, are replacing Damarion’s Christmas gifts that were lost in the fire. Damarion’s mother said that she and her son are very thankful for the kindness.

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