A Grinch caught on camera, steals KCK boys’ Christmas

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KANSAS CITY, Kan. — A family on a budget is trying to make sense of what happened after a thief stole several items they were trying to sell in the night.

Hunter and Anthony Evans lost their mother to gun violence last year.  They have since moved in with their grandmother, who spoke on camera about her daughters death for the first time on Sept. 14.

“It just about broke me,” Carline Lovelace said. “These boys don’t have much, and their father’s are not in the picture. I was on my way to pick her up when the police told me what happened.”

Lovelace told FOX4 that money has been tight, so, at the ages of 10 and 12, her grandsons are learning the value in being frugal. That value comes with some consequences.

“They wanted to help out with their Christmas gifts this year because they’re expensive,” she explained. “Hunter wants a dirt bike, and Anthony wants an Xbox One.”

The boys told FOX4 that they cleaned up their old bikes and four-wheelers to sell them.

“He really worked hard,”  Anthony Evans, pointing to his younger brother, said. “He cleaned them up and made the ‘For Sale’ signs.”

The family walked FOX4 through the series of events, showing the side of their home where the bikes were originally taken.

“Around 3:30 this morning, my neighbors surveillance video shows a car pulling up, someone walking into my yard, putting their hands around the steering wheels of the bikes and pushing them to the side of this house.”

Lovelace said when she woke up, she thought the boy may have moved the bikes. When the family realized the bikes were stolen, they were heartbroken.

“The audacity of people,” Lovelace said. “These boys have been through more in their short lives than adults go through in their whole life.”

The bikes were completely gone, and the family has since filed a police report.

“The police said they probably won’t find them, but we still haven’t given up hope.”

If you have any information about who stole the boy’s four-wheelers and bikes, you’re asked to call the KCK Police.

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