Kansas City family searching for answers 6 months after teen gunned down


KANSAS CITY, Mo. — One family is still searching for answers almost six months after their teenager was found shot and killed near East 25th Street and Jackson Avenue. 

In September, two people were found dead inside a car in Kansas City, Mo. Police said they believe there are people out there who know who did it.

Flowers and a memorial cross sit where Emonnie Nunez, 18, and Raymond Trimble, 29, were found shot to death.

“Please, if this was your family you wouldn’t want anybody keeping their mouth shut for anything they might know,” Grandmother Victoria Nunez said.

Nunez’s said her granddaughter was set to graduate high school this year. She wants justice for her “Monnie”.

“It hurts, it hurts,” Nunez said. “This wasn’t supposed to happen to my family. An innocent child’s life was taken, but for what reason we don’t know.”

Kansas City Police Department Capt. Dave Jackson said detectives believe the two murders happened because of a string of illegal activity. Regardless, he said nobody should be murdered.

“This is a tragedy,” Jackson said. “We do not want to see this type of violence to anybody.”

Since this is an open investigation Jackson can’t get into the details, but said they believe people involved in the criminal activity are all part of the same social circle.

“Somebody within this group committed the homicide and we think that a lot of the people within the group are aware of who committed the homicide,” Jackson said. “We would like those people to come forward and there is a monetary reward for those who do.”

If fear is keeping people from giving information, Jackson said there are resources to keep you safe.

For Nunez, the thing she was most afraid of happened. She lost her granddaughter to violence just two weeks before Emonnie would have turned nineteen.

“We won’t understand until we get closure,” Nunez said.

She hopes someone has the courage it takes to close this case.

“All I’m asking is for somebody to please come forward because this is not right,” Nunez said crying. “”If you know anything please come forward, please come forward, we’re begging you.”

There’s a $25,000 reward for any tip leading to a conviction. You can remain anonymous by calling 816-474-TIPS.

“I’m not going to get a phone call no more; I’m not going to get to see that beautiful face no more. None of us are. And all we’re asking now is for somebody to please come forward,” Nunez said, “and it would put this to rest. Monnie can rest.”

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