‘A life-saver’: Kansas City Navy vet gifted service dog


KANSAS CITY, Mo.—A 33-year-old Navy veteran was gifted with a life-changing animal on Monday, just in time for the holidays.

Joshua Fishgrab was given a specially-trained German Shepard service dog named Wiley.

The dog was is named after a Korean Navy vet, Wiley Boney, who was also at the ceremony.

“I never thought I’d be here today like this. Just being able to work with her already it has been amazing,” Fishgrab said. “Knowing that she is going to be here to help me through it, definitely is going to be a life-saver.”

No longer will he have to suffer thanks to Friends in Service of Heroes (FISH). FISH is a nonprofit based in Kanas City that focuses on helping veterans and their families improve quality of life.

A gift, Paul Chapa, founder and president of the organization says so many veterans need.

“These service dogs are the best medicine for our veterans who are suffering from post-traumatic stress. This is going to be one of those things that we want to eliminate those anxiety meds, we want to eliminate those sleep meds, and a dog will do it for our veterans,” Chapa said. “We are going to see him sleep better, we are going to see him get outside of his house and live again.”

A former sailor who toured Asia, Fishgrab suffers from post-traumatic stress in the form of night terrors, sleepless nights and anxiety.

“Just being able to work with her already it has been amazing. It helps get your mind off of other things and you don’t worry about stresses as much,” Fishgrab said.

Wiley is the 36th service dog gifted to local vets by the organization.

Three Dog Bakery announced a 2021 donation of $16,428.57 to FISH in order to support the program.

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