‘A real bad blow’: Rare 1954 Bentley stolen from Kansas City family’s business


The classic car was about to be used to celebrate a local Marine's 100th birthday

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A Kansas City family is looking for their rare 1954 Bentley they say was stolen from their limousine business early Saturday morning.

“It’s a vehicle that we depend on every week and every weekend for wedding couples, and we do anniversaries, birthdays,” Nader Aldewick of Pech Limousine said.

But, with the pandemic, Aldewick said those events were non-existent.

“March, April and May, we were at zero income basically,” Aldewick said. “We didn’t do one trip.  Right now, as of this time, we’re back to about 50%.”

Surveillance video shows a driver pulling the Bentley into the garage after being used for a wedding anniversary Friday night.

Seconds later, someone sneaks into the garage, and skulks over to a SUV to hide.

People, like the Bentley driver, are still moving around the garage, so Aldewick said the thief waited in the SUV for three hours before making his move overnight.

“As far as I can tell from the cameras, [he was] just sitting inside the Jeep,” Aldewick said. 

Later, clearly trying to avoid being seen, the person makes their way to the garage door and opens it. Then, they get in the Bentley and back it right out of the garage.

“[It is] just salt to the wound that we’re already suffering with 2020,” Aldewick said. 

Aldewick believes someone in a white Ford Fusion may have dropped off the thief.

In March, Aldewick said a special veteran was hoping to use the Bentley for his 100th birthday. That veteran was Marine Max DeWeese, who FOX4 introduced to viewers last year after he battled and beat COVID-19.

“We donated the car to celebrate his birthday,” Aldewick said. “He wanted to ride with it.”

Aldewick said between the initial purchase and upgrades, he invested closed to $70,000 into the Bentley. He said they can go for a few hundred thousand dollars in pristine condition.

“It’s a very vital vehicle to our business,” Aldewick said. “We had a rough 2020 as you imagine, as many of the small businesses in Kansas City and around the country, and this is just a real bad blow.”

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