A sign of Greenwood history restored, but not without controversy

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February 07 2021 05:30 pm
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GREENWOOD, Mo. – It’s a Greenwood tradition; each spring officials in the town work with the Kansas City Royals to design a billboard-like sign that they place at their baseball field. Mayor Marvin Megee says the city has a baseball history spanning 70 years. This year, the sign was up for just days before it was stolen.

Thursday, the sign was found at the home of a Lee's Summit man who said he was given the sign and gladly returned it to the mayor of Greenwood. The mayor is glad to have the sign, but isn’t so happy with the man who returned it.

"I just set the thing up here against the fence here so that all who came in could see it. I was proud of the Royals, I love them,” Andrew Kuhar said.

Kuhar said he was on a hauling job when he noticed a Royals sign in the backyard of his client’s home.

"I thought it was the coolest thing, it was a 4-by-8 sign, it was huge, it had great colors, it could be seen from the road," Kuhar said.

He said the sign had been left there by a previous tenant, so the woman gave it to him.

“And any time the games came on, I put the sign out, showing my support. Little did I know it belonged someplace else,” Kuhar said.

It was one of those game days when someone saw the sign and told Mayor Megee, who showed up at Kuhar’s house with the police.

"He was nice enough to give it back to us, I think that's great but I mean, I guess I could say, ‘hey, thanks for returning the stolen property to us.’ It would have been nice if you would have done it on your own without us having to track it down,” Mayor Megee said.

The mayor had offered a $500 reward for the sign’s return.

"I was hoping I could take advantage of the reward they had for it, because it could still be sitting in that back yard rotting away and I personally don't want the reward, I would like to give it to the K Fund, that the Royals thing since it was all about the Royals and the kids,” Kuhar said.

"That is almost offensive to me. I believe that someone is due the reward. That would be the man who walked into city hall and said, ‘hey, Mr. Mayor. I know where the sign is,’ and handed me the address," Mayor Megee said.

There have been no charges filed, but Mayor Megee says they are still looking for the person who took the sign from its home.



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