A single email helps KC investigators catch person behind massive illegal dumping site

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Trashed neighborhoods and piles of junk, illegal dumpsites are a huge problem in Kansas City.

But a big break just led investigators straight to the door of one of the people responsible.

Tucked into a dead end near 32nd and Troost, the city describes the area as one of the worst illegal dumping grounds in Kansas City.

“This has been a hot illegal dumpsite for the six and a half years I’ve been here because of its location and as busy as it is,” said Alan Ashurst, an illegal dumping investigator for the city.

Ashurst said right now he knows of 18 dumpsites throughout the city, including the trash heap near 32nd and Troost.

“Two weeks ago, this was spotless. We showed up here yesterday to a pile of trash that was actually three times bigger than the one we just cleaned up,” he said.

But on Friday, Ashurst said he received a huge tip via email that helped him track down the people responsible for that site.

“As we looked a little closer into this pile of trash, there’s a trail that leads all the way down to the back door of this property,” Ashurst said.

He spoke to the owners of the building Friday.

According to Ashurst, the owner plans to have a dumpster at the site Monday to clean up the TV, mattress and other trash he illegally left behind.

If the owner follows through and cleans up the alleyway, Ashurst said he’ll get a ticket and need to pay a fine of about $1,000. If he doesn’t, Ashurst said the owner could eventually face felony charges.

If you know of an illegal dumpsite in Kansas City, you can report it by calling the 311 line or contact your neighborhood association.

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