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GLADSTONE, Mo. — At first glance, apartments at NE 70th Street and North Oak Trafficway don`t look like anything out of the ordinary. But when you look around and consider where they are, that`s when you realize Gladstone is getting quite the facelift.

Signs of growth and trendy urban living dot the Kansas City landscape, and now you don’t have to go south of the river to live in an urban-type space. A quick ride over the Broadway Bridge can take you right to the heart of Gladstone, the home of the New Heights at Linden Square.

“It`s due for some much-needed updates around here, that`s for sure,” said Gladstone resident Chris Miller.

Miller lives a couple blocks away on a sleepy street. He’s welcoming the upscale 224-unit complex, both for growth and to widen the variety of residents.

“Older couples are starting to dwindle one-by-one, and younger people are starting to move in like myself,” he said.

His neighbor John Hiatt lives across the street and has watched the project develop over the last year.

“I like to drive by and see the progress and everything and it looks really sharp and modern,” Hiatt said.

Modern with amenities like a fitness center, a game room, shared restaurant-style kitchens.

“Gladstone`s vision was urban upscale apartments that they didn`t have already,” said developer Ryan Kronk.

Kronk says the two-year project with the city has resulted in something he feels will bring downtown northward.

“In Gladstone, you`re getting a product that is on par, if not better than a product downtown already, but it rents much less,” he said.