A sloth is coming to the Kansas City Zoo

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — There’s a new animal coming to the Kansas City Zoo, but it’s in no rush to make an appearance.

A video posted to the zoo’s Facebook page announced a sloth will soon be on display. Sarah Gay, the marketing and communication manager at the zoo, confirmed the arrival.

picture of the kansas city zoo sloth
The sloth is coming in mid-August, 2019. Photo courtesy of the Kansas City Zoo.

We’re looking at “an approximate mid-August time frame,” Gay told FOX4.

Sean Putney, chief zoological officer, narrowed down that time frame, saying he was thinking the week of Aug. 12.

Right now, Gay said the sloth is in quarantine, a 30-day process where the zoo vets look the animals over, run exams and make sure they are zoo ready.

“They’re actually working on the exhibit as well,” Gay said.

Putney said the Linnaeus’s two-toed sloth came from the Biodome in Montreal, although the species hails from South America. The addition to the zoo is part of a species survival plan. He said first the zoo needs to get used to taking care of one sloth. Then, they will likely look to match the male up with a mate.

“We do have the available space for them to breed and have a youngster,” Putney said.

The four-year-old sloth will be shown in the Discovery Room. It does have a name, but the zoo is picking out a new one, which will be released later.

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