A special day for a young man, who could teach us all a lesson about determination


Hudson Sands is only 6 years old, but for nearly a year he has been fighting a rare disease. 

“A lot of folks don’t know what it is, it’s DIPG, it’s an inoperable tumor in the brain stem with an average lifespan of 9-12 months and it is extremely underfunded as is pediatric cancer, as a whole,” Hudson’s mom Stacy Hudson said.

He is battling the odds, DIPG has a less than 1% survival rate and an average lifespan of 9 months post diagnosis. Hudson is 10 months in and continues to fight.

“He is an incredible fighter, he is the bravest strongest kid, but also, person that we know. He has been fighting for 10 months, he has been through 40 rounds of radiation, some of which were un-sedated.  You name it and he will just walk himself right in there get up on the table for treatment.  It is absolutely incredible” Mom said.

For a kid battling incredible odds and beating the odds it was only right he got treated to a couple of incredible days of fun revolving around the sport he loves.

“He played it for a couple of years now, several seasons. And he really loves soccer it’s his favorite sport.”

As part of Sporting K-C’s partnership with the Victory Project to Kick Childhood Cancer.  Hudson got treated to training with the players.  Kicking the ball around and taking a picture with his favorite Sporting players as they huddled around to wish him luck and get him ready for the match.

“You will see, you will enjoy it,” Ilie Sanchez said.

Certainly did, as he entered the stadium and the best seats in the house, he got his favorite snacks, royal treatment, and when they announced his presence at the game the supporters showed their appreciation back.

“Hudson!! Hudson!!”

He even got a shopping spree too, and although Hudson’s is not over, it is a well-deserved experience for a kid who is fighting hard every day.

“You never want this to happen to anybody, but when it happens to you, not realizing what DIPG is and the lack of funding that goes into cancer research.  There needs to be more funding, there needs to be more awareness of this,” his Dad, Todd Sands said.

“All the support we’re getting and any opportunity like this is awesome for us and especially for us,” Mom said.

And we could all learn something from Hudson’s determination.

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