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KANSAS CITY, Kan. — A Kansas City, Kansas mother who was hospitalized with the Coronavirus is home for Mother’s Day. 35-year-old single mom, Maria Elena Leal is recovering and enjoying the day despite her recent challenges. 

It’s a day she, and her son Brian, prayed would happen. Maria says she is so glad to be alive and holding her children this Mother’s Day. Her son Brian says his mother is an inspiration to him, and he couldn’t imagine a better mom.

“She’s been there my whole life,” Brian said. “She always has been, and always will be.”

A little over three weeks ago Maria was diagnosed, and quickly hospitalized. She says she had no underlying health issues, but it hit her hard.

“I got really sick,” Maria said. “Really, really sick.”

Doctors put her on a ventilator days later, and at one-point Maria says her heart stopped.

“I just want to say thank you to all the people from KU because they treat me very well over there and they helped me a lot,” Maria said.

With their help she recovered and is home to celebrate Mother’s Day with her four kids. Brian says even though things looked bleak, he knew she would recover.

“Yeah, for sure. My mom told me to stay strong,” Brian said. “And that’s what I did. God came through you know?”

Her 10-year-old daughter, Milena, was overjoyed to see her mom again.

“When she came, I was happy and then I ran to her and then it’s happy to know that she’s here with us on Mother’s Day,” Milena said.

Maria is taking it easy for now, and grateful for everyone who prayed for her.

“The prayers and supporting that’s what helped a lot people that we don’t even know that it surprised me,” Brian said. “There was people didn’t even know that were supporting us and not in that like that good energy just made me feel happy.”

She says Mother’s Day means a little more this year. Brian would send her messages while she was in the hospital. She says when she was able to use her phone again it was overwhelming to see those messages, and the hundreds from family and friends hoping she would pull through. 

Maria wants people to know about the seriousness of Coronavirus, and hopes people will social distance, wash their hands, and staying at home whenever possible. If you are able to help this family, they set up a Gofundme to assist with medical costs while she is unable to work and taking care of the children.