‘A surreal disaster’: Witness recounts scary 10-car pile-up at Grandview Triangle


KANSAS CITY, Mo.– A scary situation in the metro when close to a dozen cars lost control near the Grandview Triangle and crashed in a big pile-up.

At least 10 cars were damaged and two people were sent to the hospital.

One witness said he was feet away from what he calls “a surreal disaster.”

“My car was able to stop, but at least 10 to 15 cars weren’t. They just started hitting each other. None of them could control what direction the car was going,” said Laron Obie. “Every morning there’s a stop right there because it’s so slippery.”

The crash happened just after 6:30 Tuesday evening on westbound I-470 to northbound 71 Highway and northbound I-435.

Portions of the highway were backed up for hours.

In a lengthy Facebook live video, Obie captured the aftermath and his attempts to help.

“A lot of them [drivers] were saying there was no salt down. When I got out the car, I was even sliding,” Obie said. “I am grateful that nobody died, but potentially there could have been casualties, by the grace of God, there wasn’t.”

While the cause of the crash is still under investigation, those in charge of maintaining the highway said sometimes it’s only so much crews can do, especially up against these freezing temperatures.

“In this type of weather, it’s very difficult to keep roads as clear as we’d like because of the extreme cold and the lack of sunshine that we are having,” said Melissa Black with the Missouri Department of Transportation.

Black said the plows are out and working around the clock.

With more potentially snowy and icy weather on the way, Obie shares this advice:

“Stay at home. If you don’t have to go, do not go. Your life is more valuable than doing whatever you have to do.”

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