‘A total blind side’: Kansas City pastor says his church was abruptly kicked out of site


KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A Kansas City church is looking for a new place to worship after the pastor says they were suddenly kicked out of their current location.

Pastor Timothy Hayes of 24-Hour Faith Training Center said the notice came with no warning, and he isn’t sure what he’ll do next.

“Tuesday at about 8 o’ clock, I got an email from the Justice Center coalition president basically informing me that I had to remove all my items and be out by Friday at 5:30,” Hayes said.

In August, FOX4 also reported when the director of the Fusion Drill Team said they were also abruptly told they could no longer practice at the facility due to alleged noise complaints.

“Nobody has ever told us, ‘Ya’ll too loud. Y’all got to move to a different spot,” said Alayna Taylor, founder and director of KC Fusion Drill Team.

The Justice & Dignity Center is located on Indiana Avenue, and Bishop Tony Caldwell opened the site as an outreach hub for the urban core in the summer of 2019.

FOX4 reached out the Caldwell and learned he no longer manages the site; instead, a new president named Sheoni Givens has taken over, effective “a few weeks ago.”

Givens said the organization is undergoing “restructuring,” and this latest termination has to do with unpaid rent fees and tenants not adhering by the contract.

“There was no notice of it coming. They put it in a group chat,” Hayes said. “A total blind side when I got the message.”

Hayes said he was able to negotiate a 30-day extension, but when that time is up, he and his roughly 150 members have no plans.

“God led us here for a reason. We have made a change in this community. We have built relationships. I believe God has something better for us on the other side of this,” Hayes said.

If you or someone you know can help, contact reporter Sharifa Jackson at sharifa.jackson@fox4kc.com.



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