A treasured keepsake for 29 years, Royals fan puts “magic dirt” to good use

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — One man has held on to a bag of dirt for 29 years. And he’s now putting it to good use.

“A little dirt magic, a little magic dirt,” said Andy Berry.

It’s dirt Berry collected from the diamond after watching the Kansas City Royals beat the St. Louis Cardinals in the 1985 World Series. Berry saw someone scoop up the dirt into a cup and wanted in on the action.

“I opened up my pocket and poured it into the pockets, my jeans,” said Berry.

Now, he’s sprinkling the magic at every home game since the Royals made the playoffs. He’s hoping to bring the magic of 1985 back.

“You feel like you want to help, you feel like you want to do anything . That was my small part I could do for the Royals,” Berry said.

It doesn’t take a lot, just a pinch, to spread the luck. The Royals will take care of the rest.

Berry went to the game Tuesday and was at Wednesday’s game. He scattered the dirt himself both days. When he’s not able to make a game, he passes some of the dirt to a friend so that they can carry on the tradition.

This is something Berry does only for the home games.

“This dirt has no place for any other stadium but royals stadium or now Kauffman Stadium,” he said.



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