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KANSAS CITY, Kan. — Over a year has passed since a criminal investigation was launched against former Kansas City, Kansas, Police Chief Terry Zeigler.

Wyandotte County District Attorney Mark Dupree still hasn’t announced a decision on charges.

At issue is the KCK lake house that Zeigler rented from the city in 2016 for $19,000. The agreement was that any repairs Zeigler made would be deducted from his rent.

But a complaint was filed after the city allowed Zeigler to deduct more than $18,000 from his rent that he claimed was the value of work he had done on the house.

The Kansas Bureau of Investigation launched an investigation into the matter at the request of Wyandotte County District Attorney Mark Dupree on Feb. 22, 2019.

The investigation was completed and handed over to the DA’s office in May 2019.

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“Terry Zeigler and myself cooperated fully with the KBI investigation. We even went with the KBI agent out to the lake house that was supposedly the problem,” Zeigler’s attorney John Duma said.

“In the first week of May 2019 the KBI agent, like he had told us previously, ‘I see no wrong doing. I don’t see any probable cause of any even a misdemeanor or a felony and I’m going to tell the DA’s office in Wyandotte county that.’ And he let me know when he sent them the report which would have been like the first week of May.”

Despite having the case in his possession for over a year, Dupree hasn’t made a decision on charges.

Zeigler retired in September, and his attorney said Zeigler would like to have his name cleared.

“You could have easily made a decision in 30, 60, 90 days outside, and to hold it over somebody’s head like that, to me it makes it look personal,” Duma said.

Duma said he’s written multiple times to the DA’s office asking to have “this matter resolved one way or another.”

“If you are going to file, let us know. If you are not going file, let us know. Nothing,” Duma said.

He said the only answer he’s received was a one line email stating that he “will be notified the same day the KBI is notified regarding a charging decision in the Zeigler matter.”

“There’s no reason after 14 months you can’t make a decision. It was not that big of an investigation,” the attorney said.

Dupree declined to speak to FOX4 on camera, but his office said a statement saying, “The Kansas rules of professional conduct prevent me from commenting publicly regarding the details of ongoing cases. This matter is still ongoing. I cannot comment at this time.”

Time could be running out — Dupree is up for re-election next week.