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KANSAS CITY, Mo. – The American Automobile Association released some figures on Monday of this week, the most startling is that the national average cost of gasoline had surpassed $3 per gallon for 1,000 consecutive days. What’s probably more disappointing to motorists is that AAA’s president believes that gas will forever remain above $3 per gallon.

“Paying less than $3 per gallon for gasoline may be automotive history for most Americans,” AAA President and CEO Bob Darbelnet stated in a release. “The reality is that expensive gas is here to stay, which is tough on millions of people who need a car to live their lives. While a few lucky drivers may occasionally pay less than $3.00 per gallon, the national average is likely to remain more costly into the future.”

Among other numbers the association reported included: The national average cost of gas has been at least $3.25 for 913 total days, $3.50 for 643 days but has yet to exceed $4 per gallon on a national level. AAA said that the longest previous stretch of $3+ per gallon was for 244 days between February 17 and October 17 of 2008. AAA concluded its report by stating that 2012 was the most expensive year for gas at an average of $3.60 per gallon.

On the 1,001st day since the stretch began, Missouri gas prices were averaged at $3.339 per gallon while in Kansas prices averaged $3.543.