Accidental shooting leads to questions about Kansas conceal carry law

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SHAWNEE, Kan. -- An accidental shooting at a high school graduation is causing some to question the conceal carry law in Kansas.

During a graduation ceremony this weekend in Augusta, Kan., near Wichita, a man with a gun hidden in his sock went to adjust it when it went off. The bullet hit him and another woman in the leg. He now faces a misdemeanor charge of criminal use of a weapon.

Even though the school posted no guns allowed signs outside of graduation the law still allowed him to take the gun into the football stadium.
Or did it?

It comes down to whether you consider a high school football stadium a building? There’s no question it’s a facility just as a school building is a facility. But the field is open air, and that is why some argue concealed carry holders have every right to bring a gun there.

Kansas law states conceal carry holders can bring guns onto school grounds, but not into school buildings. So if you consider the stadium part of the grounds, such as the parking lot, then this man had every right to bring his gun to the graduation ceremony since it was being held inside the football stadium.

The school posted a no guns allowed signs, hoping conceal carry owners would leave their weapons in their cars, but this man didn’t.

When asked, the attorney general’s office declined to define whether a football stadium is considered a school building.



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