KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A local group is hoping to bring attention to COVID-19 cases and the mitigation plan at the Jackson County Detention Center.

A rally was held outside the detention center Monday, where advocates said more needs to be done to protect the people inside.

“We have heard from several folks we have helped to get out during this time, they are not being given access to masks. There is not running water in many of the pods. At one point we heard the entire women’s portion of the jail was locked down,” said co-founder and executive leader at Operation Liberation, Dawn Oliver, Dysart.

Jackson County Sheriff, Darryl Forte has tracked the ever-changing data of COVID stats through his Twitter page for over a year.

In a tweet late Monday morning, Forte said there were currently 41 positive inmates, 7 positive cases among non-inmates, and more than 100 inmates on precautionary quarantine.

These constant and steady onset of COVID cases are also having ripple effects.

A presiding judge suspended jury trials for a two-week period of time due to a spike in COVID-19 cases.  There is discussion to resume jury trials in early February. 

“Not only is there a fear of contracting COVID-19. There’s also an interference with their due process as a result of procedures and precautionary quarantine,” said Dysart.

Throughout the pandemic, people incarcerated have reported lack of sufficient personal protective equipment and personal hygiene products.