KANSAS CITY, Mo. — On a day where it feels too hot to do anything, parents know that outdoor activities are a juggling act between comfort and safety.

And the heat did not slow down many events scheduled for Tuesday – the first official day of Summer – pushing ahead with a heat advisory.

For the swampy weather – Harmonica Player Russ Shenke is the soundtrack. He taught a learn-to-play event in the West Bottoms at high noon. Students found cover from the sun during instruction as a part of Make Music Kansas City Day.

And on a day like Tuesday there is a definite bright side to the instrument.

“If you don’t bring any amplifier or anything – You definitely don’t have a lot to carry,” Shenke said.

“How has summer been so far?” FOX 4’s Jacob Kittilstad asked one 5th grader learning to play.

“Uh, hot,” Sam Fillingham said.

“We’ve been outside a lot this summer. But we’ve been inside mostly today because it’s been so hot,” Sam’s brother, Issac, said.

“[My grandparents] just have me put on sunscreen junk,” Sam said.

But even if it is not the biggest concern for kids – parents are trying to stay vigilant. One mom at the splash pad off Gilham Road said she was there with a mom’s group which was watching out for each other in the heat.

“Cause I do get hot. I get hot and dealing with [the kids] – they are a lot sometimes,” she said.

“We ain’t going to be out here too long. We’ve been out here for about 45 minutes. They don’t like the hot but if there’s some water mixed-in it’s okay…because if there wasn’t a water park here, we wouldn’t be here today cause it’s too hot,” she said.