Man Who was Adopted was Once Missing Child

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PHILADELPHIA, Pa. — A Philadelphia man says he was surprised when a sketch of a missing child looked a lot like him. Marx Panama Moriarity Barnes had been reported missing by his father in Hawaii after his mom left with her baby and never returned 34 years ago.

When he was six-months-old he was put in an orphanage in Hawaii. Today, the man’s name is Steve Carter. He says he was adopted at four-years-old and has lived
a happy life.One day he saw a story on CNN about a woman who discovered she was a missing child and started his own internet search.

“Pulled up Hawaii, male, missing for 34 years and lo and behold the composite picture of Marx Panama Moriarty Barnes pops up,” Carter said.

The report also included a picture of what the child might look like grown up.

“I think ‘Oh my God that really looks like me,'” he said. “And it really does. I mean it’s pretty much a splitting image.”

Now, that he realized he is a missing child, he learned his biological father lives in California. The pair has talked on the phone, but they haven’t met in person.

“He was convinced that my mother had taken me,” he said. “And had raised me somewhere else. I think one of his first questions to me was, ‘where’s your mother?’
I think he was a bit dumbfounded by that response.”

They hope to meet in person this year.

“I think a face-to-face meeting is definitely going to be emotional,” he said.

Carter has yet to find his biological mother. He says he has a lot of questions like how did he end up in an orphanage?

“I have ten names, three birth certificates and two birthdays,” he said. “I celebrate both birthdays. That’s been a real nice plus.”

Carter says he’s always known who he is. Thanks to the sketch, he knows more about his past.

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