KANSAS CITY, Kan. — The Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests (SNAP) is calling on Kansas Attorney General Kris Kobach to release more information after a Kansas Bureau of Investigation investigation into abusive Church leaders.

On January 6, KBI released the results from a four-year investigation into abuse in Kansas’ Catholic Churches where it found cover ups, systemic problems within church leadership, and conducted 125 criminal investigations.

Ultimately, KBI passed along 30 affidavits to local prosecutors that could have resulted in cases against 14 members of the clergy.

KBI also admitted that no charges were likely going to ever be filed because many of the abusers have died or the statute of limitations had already expired.

SNAP says it wants lawmakers to rethink the statute of limitations, potentially changing the law or at least allowing civil cases to proceed. SNAP is also frustrated that the report didn’t release any names of the clergy members who were investigated.

“In other states, the reports are far more detailed and frankly they’re far more helpful because parents can protect their kids from threats if they know who and where those threats are,” said Missouri SNAP Director David Clohessy.

Instead, KBI’s findings didn’t pass along any recommendations for lawmakers and was released just as the departing Attorney General Derek Schmidt was leaving office.

“Twenty-one page, vague, weak summary that contained not one name of a child molesting cleric, nor one name of a complicit church official,” Clohessy said.

Current Kansas Attorney General Kris Kobach’s office responded to our inquiry saying, “We are reviewing the work that was done under former Attorney General Derek Schmidt and former KBI Director Kirk Thompson.”