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WICHITA, Kan. — The father in a family of four is calling it a godsend that they were able to come to Kansas after fleeing from Afghanistan.

KSN’s News Reporter Andrea Herrera was able to talk to the father Friday. She says you could see the happiness on his face as he talked about his arrival. He told her he feels blessed to be in the United States, and feels even more so knowing his family is away from danger.

“I am feeling so excited and happy that I am here in Kansas,” said Ahmad, an Afghan refugee.

After weeks of preparation, and hours of traveling, Ahmad and his family can finally call Wichita home.

“They [family] are very happy and excited,” said Ahmad. “We will see many places in Kansas, we will see many people and friends, because we are here and have many friends here.”

Like many others, Ahmad and his family had to flee Afghanistan because of the deadly threats and violence going on in his hometown.

“I am so happy, this place is so beautiful,” said Ahmad. “I like Kansas, really.”

Back in Afghanistan, Ahmad had formerly worked hand in hand with U.S. soldiers and was a translator for the U.S. Army. That is why he says he is not surprised by the amount of love and support he has received from Americans.

“I am not shocked, but I am happy, excited, because they are trying to welcome me and my family,” said Ahmad. “They are also trying to relocate and rescue other people, like more Afghan.”

Since his arrival in the sunflower state, he has been able to get his immigration documents sorted out and has started studying for his driver’s license test.

“I want to get a job to make money to provide any facilities for my family,” said Ahmad. “And in the future, I can get a better job.”

To donate to Ahmad and his family, you can go to their GoGetFunding.