After $1.25M investment, Kearney’s Lion’s Park splash pad vandalized


KEARNEY, Mo. — Kearney, Missouri mayor Randy Pogue was not thrilled to see vandalism at the splash pad at Lion’s Park over the weekend.

“Not the way I wanted to start the day,” Pogue posted on social media.

Monday, FOX4 spoke with Pogue about the park. He said it just opened two weeks ago and was a $1.25 million investment.

“The first thing I would say to the suspects is why?” Pogue said. “Why would any adult would think it’s OK to deface anybody else’s property, let alone a park that is put here for the children of our community?”

Pogue joined his staff in cleaning up the vandalism to signs around the splash pad and says police have been notified and are investigating.

The surveillance photos show one man near the bathroom of the park at night. However, Pogue believes two people, both adults, were responsible.

“We have footage and our law enforcement team is taking it from here. I’m working with staff to remove the best we can.. Disappointing is an understatement,” he posted.

A $1,500 reward is being offered by two local businesses for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the suspect(s). Those businesses are choosing to stay anonymous.

While the vandalism didn’t stop the fun at the park Monday, it was certainly on everyone’s mind.

“I was kind of scared to bring the kids here for a little while, just because I didn’t want them to see the vandalism,” local mom Shannon Fetters said. “We finally get something great, and it gets spoiled so quickly, [it] was a little devastating.”

The Kearney Police Department released an image of a person of interest in the vandalism and ask anyone with information to contact Sergeant McEntire at 816-903-4750 or 816-407-3700.

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