After 2 officers shot, Kansas City police chief pleads for community to work together to stop the violence

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A Kansas City police officer is out of surgery at Truman Medical Center Thursday night and in the ICU in stable condition after being shot in the head. 

A visibly pained Chief Rick Smith Thursday night as not one but two of his officers were shot while responding to separate calls for help. 

“On the bus earlier today, we had an officer wounded in that incident. That officer is very lucky and very minor wound. Our second incident, we’re not so lucky,” Smith said. 

The officer has been with the agency for less than 3 years. 

The officer shot in the head while responding to a disturbance call. A very difficult evening for the entire KCPD agency. 

Smith, very emotional, said it is very difficult to talk to his officers right now. 

“I guess I would say to them that the mission hasn’t changed. Our dedication to this city and to the people in this city hasn’t changed and more now than ever, they’re probably needed, and they’re needed for all of us,” Smith said. 

Smith said now is not the time for politics. He says today is about awareness for the community to understand the real threat officers face every day they go into work. 

He pleaded for everyone to work harder to stop the violence in the city. 



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