WESTON, Mo. — After 24-hours without power the lights are back on north of Weston, Missouri after the coldest night many families can remember.

Evergy says one challenge was replacing a utility pole while the ground was frozen rock solid.

“The power went out around noon on Thursday”, Cindy Young, who lives in Winthrop, Missouri – said.

“We had ordered extra propane because the weather was going to be so bad and we wanted to make sure we had enough to keep his life support going,” Young said of her husband, Chuck Young.

“It’s an electric pump that goes in the side of your heart,” Chuck Young said, describing his LVAD set-up.

Without a consistent power supply to the device he could die in a matter of minutes. That’s why the family has a generator.

“We have a generator. Then look, the generator wouldn’t start,” he said.

“So I thought ‘OK, the generator will kick in.’ And then it tried and it didn’t. And I thought ‘Oh my golly’ and I panicked all over the place cause it scared me to death,” Cindy Young said.

“I was in shock and tears and I wasn’t sure what I was going to do,” she said.

So, on the coldest day they can remember, they called for a repair from their dealer who, by chance, was already in-town.

“So we got it going. We’ve had the generator running and that has saved his life,” Cindy Young said.

But around the neighborhood there is still property damage. Marshall Froelich said he took his daughters to stay in a motel overnight once his faucets froze.

“It froze up dripping. So my whole house is froze up,” Froelich said. “I’m going to see if I can get my heater going and hopefully that’s alright and open up the cabinets and see if we can thaw everything out.”