After 4 homicides in 24 hours, KC group raising awareness on $25,000 payout for tips

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A group of men in the urban core are banding together to strengthen their neighborhoods after seeing four homicides in a 24 hour time period.

Police found two men dead Tuesday night  in an apartment near East 79th Street and Manchester Avenue after receiving reports of a shooting.

Earlier on Tuesday, one person died and another suffered injuries after someone fired shots into a car traveling on Blue Ridge Boulevard near East 80th Terrace.

Finally, police found a 41-year-old man shot to death Monday night near East 29th Street and Park Avenue.

All of this gun violence is prompting a group of African-American men in the urban core to remind witnesses of all the money they’re leaving on the table by not helping make neighborhoods safer for their families.

The small group is concerned that witnesses aren’t cashing in on the $25,000 TIPS Hotline reward, members said.

“It’s $25,000 to come up with information on these murders,” Desmond Logan, a member of the group, said. “If you know something about a murder and you don’t say something about this murder, the whole thing is you leave them out here to keep shooting.”

Logan said it’s a community problem that everyone should be concerned about, not just individual issues.

“It may not affect you directly, but it may affect you indirectly,” Logan said. ‘If you leave them to keep shooting, it might end up catching one of your family members. The more we can get them off the streets, the easier it will be for us to live.”

Logan says those who help police capture killers should be recognized as heroes. The men said that, if more people believe that their neighbors are watching and will share information, they might think twice before acting out in anger.

The $25,000 reward has helped solve five homicides in Kansas City.  Three rewards have been partially or fully paid so far. The group believes there are still doubters who need to be convinced the payouts are real.



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