After a bullet grazes her son, Shawnee mom says apartment won’t let her out of lease

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SHAWNEE, Kan. -- On the night of Sept. 24, Meghann Callies says one minute she was in bed watching TV. Her two sons near here playing video games.

”All of a sudden we heard, 'Pop, pop, pop' and I shouted to my boys to get down on the floor and be quiet. The next thing I saw were bullet holes in my bedroom, my bedroom door, my wood framed mirror and in the wall in the hallway,” Callies said.

Callies and her neighbors said someone drove by and fired at least 15 bullets into their apartment building and then sped off.

”We heard the screeching tires and everything. My neighbor saw three guys hop into car afterwards,” Callies said.

A stray bullet grazed the Shawnee mom’s 12-year-old son on his right ear. The boy’s injury has since healed.

However, more than a month later, the family is still living in fear.

”I’m still scared to go outside after dark, and if I hear a loud engine roaring, it scares me," 12-year-old Hudson Callies said.

”I’m constantly looking around the parking lot. I just don’t feel comfortable or safe here any more,” Meghann Callies said.

She said she really wants to break her lease and move now, but she can’t because the apartment managers won’t waive the $1,500 fee.

”I’m a single mom, and I cannot afford to pay that fee. I just think given what happened to us and all of the safety concerns, they should let me out of the lease without paying that,” Callies said.

A spokeperson for Oasis Apartments wouldn’t comment on Callies’safety and lease concerns.

However, in a statement sent to FOX4, we’re told “the individual who instigated the shooting was not a resident of the property. Since the shooting happened more than a month ago, we have made all repairs to the property. We do not anticipate any further issues.”

In the meantime, police still haven’t made any arrests or said anything about a motive for the shooting at the apartment complex.

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