After a tree dropped on this KCK dad’s house, the community brought it back to life

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KANSAS CITY, Kan. -- The first time FOX4 Problem Solvers met AJ Reese, a tree was sitting on his home with the branches breaking through his roof and poking right into his sons' bedroom.

Reese, a single father of four, had made the mistake of hiring a supposed tree expert named Charles Strafford to remove a large tree next to his house. He paid Strafford $600 -- not realizing that Strafford had no idea what he was doing.

After the tree fell on Reese's home, Strafford took off running.

That left Reese with a home in such bad shape that the city of Kansas City, Kansas, was threatening to condemn it.

That's when the FOX4 Problem Solvers got involved. After we shared Reese's story in July, more than 20 people came to the rescue. They supplied money, materials and labor, but most of all kindness.

A few did even more. Tim Powell, Jake Reed and Wyatt Zucca of Zucca Roofing stayed on the job until they knew Reese and his sons had a safe place to call home.

The transformation was huge.

Zucca, with an assist from Powell, put a new roof on the home, installed new windows and provided siding. Reese didn't just stand by and watch. He learned from all the experts and worked with them, installing flooring and siding.

Now Reese's once dangerous home looks better than ever. Reese gave a FOX4 tour, pointing out the new floors, walls, windows and even new cabinets in the kitchen.

It was a day of celebration. Zucca arrived with large sacks of McDonalds for Reese's boys who surprised him with a thank you card. Written on the inside: "The world loves you. Keep up the nice work."

It's a sentiment for every person who helped the Reese family save their home.

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